Danzante Caldera, RPC

A Strength-Based Approach

Change and growth are inherent within us. Given the right conditions, over time we become more than we were before.  This impulse toward a larger life exists within every person. It is the nature of grass to grow; it is the same with our innate human nature. Sometimes, though, we may become blocked. We get hurt, we lose our way, we lose clarity - this happens at one time or another in almost any life. But beyond the hurt and confusion, there is a deeper knowing. Therapy is a "coming home" process: coming home to the truth of your own life, it's challenges and, ultimately, it's gifts.  It is an unfolding of the true self, finding your strength within, through a process of uncovering, discovering, and recovering...


Each of us has a narrative we hold for our life story.  Sometimes this narrative is missing some key information which may have been buried or altered because at the time the true story was too painful or traumatic or we had no way of making sense of it.  So we changed the narrative as a way to cope.  The only problem with this is the truth still exists inside of us, often coming out in maladaptive ways that do not serve us (because "the truth will out").  In our work we may explore your life-story a bit and see what feels most true for you today, in the now. This is not necessarily to do (what I sometimes call "archeology") deep and lengthy investigations of your history, though on occassion that may be important. Rather, as Gestalt psychology asks, what is your lived experience today - what is "alive" for you? How is the past showing up in your present Now, and is it doing so in a way that serves you and your well-being?


As you do the work of therapy you gain increasing clarity while your healing journey takes on a life of its own.  You may feel released from the things that were blocking you, with a sense of increasing freedom and a greater capacity for self-discovery.  You gain skill at figuring out what drives you and what motivates you. We use this greater capacity in counselling sessions as you are encouraged to give voice to what you want. You gain a new and expanded scope of what is possible in your life.  You discover a deeper sense of connection to self and a greater sense of control of the direction of your life.  


Somewhere within you is a clear vision of how you would like your life to be. You may have lost touch with this Ideal of the Self at some point, but as therapy progresses it naturally resurfaces. As you go on your journey toward a healthier self, the process unfolds organically as you recover and refine a more open connection to your deepest truths and strengths.  A vibrancy that may have been blocked within you comes out. You may think of this as the life force expressing itself. It is your nature, the nature of the human spirit, to be healthy in this way. With increasing clarity and strength, you may choose your path forward with a self-aware, self-compassionate aliveness.