Danzante Caldera, RPC

Whoever you are...

Are you living the life you would choose?

Mary Oliver, one of our wise women elders, shares her lovely, healing poem about finding our place in the wild world...

Are you having a difficult time right now? Sometimes life can be hard, lonely, or challenging, for anyone. Identifying as LGBTQ means that reaching out for help can be a little more complicated. Even if you've been out for decades, speaking to a therapist means wondering how the therapist will relate to your life as a sexual minority. And if you're newly out - or even more so, if you are struggling with your sexual identity - the challenge may even be harder or more frightening.

Statistics show that even though the world has changed, our tribe still faces wellness challenges. Drug addiction remains an epidemic, teen suicide still happens, hate crimes still happen, and we still can experience loneliness and isolation in the midst of a large LGBTQ community.  These are the echoes of our shared history playing out in our daily lives.

This is why I am passionately invested in the work I do in our community. I came out as a gay man in 1985. Over the last three decades I have consistently found rich opportunities for community work, which have included:

  • Helping found an LGBTQ radio show (the first in Florida);
  • Helping found an LGBTQ Recovery Clubhouse;
  • Volunteering in many ways during what I call "The Grieving Years"; 
  • Working as a Peer Counsellor in an LGBTQ Recovery Community; 
  • Leading transformational dance events (Men Dancing Naked) for 5 years,
  • Lastly, from 2011-2013 I did my Counselling Internship at Qmunity.

I find great joy and sense of profound reward in my work as a counsellor, and this is particularly true for my work within the LGBTQ community. We are a rich and vibrant tribe, even as we do still have our struggles. Work for our greater freedom and happiness has been a core principle of my life. I feel fortunate to be able to continue that work now, person by person, in the counselling office.

Wherever you land on the LGBTQ spectrum - or, for that matter, if you simply identify as an ally! - if you are struggling, I can help. Within you is a voice, a greater truth that knows what you want. Discovering and uncovering this voice will lead you towards a richer and happier life. This is your birthright as a human being. The wisdom to move ahead lies within you...

Accept no one’s definition for your life. Define yourself.
— Harvey Fierstein